Draig BJJ - The first female Squads Event

July 2022
Edited by Shanti Gorton

Draig is hosting the UK’s first Women’s BJJ Squads event on Saturday 6th of August. On the same weekend, they are also running another women’s only seminar. In the past these events have brought over 60 female athletes together from across the UK. This seminar will be coached by Ashley Bendle and ADCC Australian Trials winner Adele Fornarino who will be bringing team mates with her!

The squads event will follow the Polaris framework with some minor adjustments: 

  • There will be one 60 minute round
  • Matches will be 4 minutes to encourage work rate 
  • There will be a refs decision every match to get points to the score boards 

“Our vision is to continue running exciting and professional events. Equality and inclusion of females in the sport isn’t a second thought it just happens!”

Draig has been backing the women’s BJJ scene for a while now. This is be there third women’s only event and each event has topped the last. Along with having a female head coach and a strong female base in classes, they put the same opportunities up for their female athletes as they do for male athletes. 

They have a link on the Draig Instagram which athletes can use to apply to their events. 

“The main thing is being active on the competition scene! Let your work speak for itself.”