cyprus camp strip


24-28 April 2024

all levels welcome


After a spectacular camp, we are so excited to start planning the next one!!! Check out our photos and reviews for an insight into what we did this April. To learn more about Rosa and Sula, we will be releasing podcasts with them – check them out!

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Mesmerising, unforgettable, truly one of the best experiences of my life. Met a lot of new people and really felt like I was apart of a community. Marina, Shanti, Rosa and Sula did an amazing job and was so great to us. They really went out of their way to ensure we had a great time and got the best out of camp.
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I would definitely recommend the camp to other women. It was an amazing vibe training with 50 other women. I enjoyed improving both my GI and No-Gi techniques as well as having sparring sessions in both. Sulla and Rosa were great instructors with attention to detail and they answered all the questions we had.
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I attended the Cyprus this year and loved every second! Marina and Shanti are incredible on and off the mats, organising a fun, well-structured and community focused event. Their passion really shined through this event and I would 100% go again and recommend no matter how much experience you have!
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Having been to two women who fight camps I would just like to say what an honour it is to even be able to take part, meeting incredible women from all over the world who have all achieved so much in and out of BJJ. The knowledge passed on from instructors and peers is priceless and the fun had is unmatched. You never knew this was the medicine you needed til you came. Marina and Shanti put their soul into these camps and you can tell from the personalised welcome letters to the venue picked to bring everyone together even more! If I only had the choice of one BJJ camp a year (which I did this year) then I would always pick women who fight.
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This was my first ‘proper’ women’s only camp, and I’m gutted I’ve only just started being part of them, I had the most AMAZING time, I got to experience so much new stuff, make lots of friends, make amazing memories and feel part of a growing community and friendships, I’m very grateful to Mav and shanti for all the hard work that goes into every event they host for us ladies and making sure everything can be the best of the best! I will for sure be going to every camp I can from now on!
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Such a well organised and curated BJJ women’s camp, where every detail was studied accurately. The recipe? A warm welcome, insightful classes, a wonderful group of strong women with different belts and backgrounds, a 4 star resort on the beach and a lot of fun!
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The BJJ camp in Cyprus was absolutely incredible! Top-notch instructors delivered challenging and inspiring sessions. The hotel was lovely, nestled right by the beach—perfect for a relaxing swim between sessions. Along with great jiu-jitsu, there were plenty of fun activities and opportunities to connect with amazing women. The whole experience was a dream and I highly recommend it for any BJJ enthusiast - no matter the level! Thanks, Women Who Fight, I cannot wait for the next Camp!
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The best gift I could have given myself! Shanti and Marina are amazing hosts, kind souls and on top of that insanely good organisers! You feel welcome from the get go and no pressure to be anyone but yourself. Rosa and Sula, I felt so honoured being coached by them. I am in awe of their professionalism and amazing teaching capabilities. So young, knowledgeable and humble. Grateful for the whole experience, a room full of women fighting, playing and laughing was a wonderful boost to my jiu jitsu journey. I would go again in a heartbeat.
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Absolutely loved the experience at WF Cyprus Camp! The atmosphere was electric with positive vibes! It was empowering to see all women come together! Sadly, I could only attend for a day, but it was still an unforgettable experience. The girls were incredibly welcoming, and being part of such a well-organized event, filled with surprises, made it truly special. I only wish that I could attend the whole camp 🫶🏼
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I‘ve been to 2 WF Camps and loved it! It‘s Inspirational to meet with so many women who share the passion for the Sport.
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I had a such a fantastic time at the recent Cyprus camp! I travelled by myself and everyone was so lovely and welcoming. I really enjoyed training with ladies that were all passionate about Jiu Jitsu and loved training. I’d definitely go to another camp!
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Incredible. What a fantastic camp bringing women together to learn, make new connections and have fun together! It was so well run, the sessions offered lots of great information and techniques, and everyone was so lovely! I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to do this again!
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A massive shout out to the incredible Marina and Shanti for organising the most incredible experience in Cyprus. I am an organiser by nature, so to have a trip completely thought out and be so effortless means so much to me. I was able to really rest, relax and enjoy training without thinking about anything else. I absolutely loved the location, the training sessions and the instructors and how the days all blended between training, other group activities and a bunch of being silly. But my favourite thing had to be the community you brought together. I can be quite shy to meet new people, but I felt so grateful to be surrounded by such inspiring and empowering women who all are striving towards their best selves. That feeling was priceless and the one that makes me want to be part of the next camp for sure. I am home now and keep thinking back to how special that time was and how much it's brought to my life, even outside of BJJ so thank you again so much for giving us that space xxx
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The WF cap was a lovely experience! Two daily training sessions, two daily sparring sessions and some amazing instructors to learn from. The camp was super well organised and the atmosphere was amazing! And it's was just such a pleasure to train with so many women of all belts and ages. In summary, a really great experience x
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It's so refreshing and motivational to train with women with the same passion in their life as me!
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This was my first camp run by the lovely humans behind Marina and Shanti brought the best vibes to the Cyprus camp and made us all feel welcome with the cutest of letters which were personalised and handwritten. The premises and hotel was wonderful and fresh. Pool and beach on the doorstep. The camp included seminars by the brilliant Sula-Mae and the amazing Rosa who have taught us so many adaptions and new techniques to add to our game. We had yoga by lovely Gabriella to try and keep us moving throughout. We loved the side activities of acro-yoga, beach wrestling and paddle boarding. When's the next one...I can't wait!
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Marina and Shanti are amazing and made me feel so welcome. Being a white belt I found the idea of a camp a bit daunting but they put me at ease straight away and I learnt so much throughout it. Would definitely recommend and I'm looking forward to the next one!
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Marina and Shanti thank you for bringing the amazing Rosa, Sula and Gabi to coach us. The experience at the camp in Cyprus was one of a kind. Much respect to everyone whom I crossed paths with on the mats.
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It would sound super cheesy, but jiu jitsu saved my life. 2023 has been so hard and if not BJJ, it would have been so much harder. Finding a place full of other strong and courageous women is so unique and I feel incredibly lucky experiencing Women’s only BJJ camp. It has shown me the depth and extent my jiu jitsu can go. I feel incredibly inspired and can’t wait to the next one <3 Marina and Shanti, thank you for what you have created xxx
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Recently attended the Cyprus 2024 camp and so glad that I did! Its so hard to meet women in this sport from SO many different backgrounds and abilities. I especially loved being inspired by female black belts as I haven't met any yet back home. I enjoyed how approachable and friendly the organisers and coaches were, the training being at the all inclusive and learning so much. I feel like I know my why again after taking some time off to be a mum and feel like I've made some friends for life. Cannot wait for the next one!


Rosa Walsh

Rosa Walsh-McCann

A seasoned competitor who has travelled the world to train and learn, Rosa represents Essential Jiu Jitsu in New York. Rosa is the first Ffion Davies Black Belt and has just won her fight in her debut Polaris appearance. 

Sula Mae

Sula Mae Loewenthal

Our Women Who Fight Invitational winner will be leading the Gi sessions. Sula is an accomplished brown belt, competing all over the world and is by far the best hype-woman we have EVER met. 

Gabriella Ripepi

BJJ black belt and international competitor, Gabriella will be leading our Yoga sessions!! Some of her accolades include, AJP world pro silver medalist, and 2023 IBJJF Euros nogi gold and gi silver medalist. We're thrilled to have her!!!