Hormones, Health, Human Performance and Potential

Dr Nicky Keay, Honorary Lecturer, Division of Medicine, UCL
September 2022

Hormones play a crucial role in optimising our health and performance. Hormones are internal chemical messengers that travel in the blood stream to have a effects on a vast range of cells throughout the body.

Furthermore, hormones respond to our behaviours around exercise, food and sleep. By making good choices and combinations and timing of choices around these lifestyle factors, we can harness our hormones to reach out full potential. 

However, it is not so straight forward as everyone will be slightly different in their responses. Plus, one of the most complicated and intricate of all the hormone networks is that of the female hormones. Not only do these hormones vary every menstrual cycle, but they will also be personal to each woman. Also, these incredible hormones change over our life. This starts with when periods start through to when the ovaries retire to their production of hormones at menopause. A personalised approach is needed.

How to understand and get in tune with your hormones will be revealed in the book I have written “Hormones, Health and Human Potential”. Currently available with 20% discount on pre order with code Nicky until 28/10/22. 

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