Open Mat Touring the UK

Regular Training with women

Professional Videographer

All levels, all clubs


We want to create more opportunities for women to train together!

So we have launched our women’s BJJ open mat! An invitation to train together. We are taking this open mat across the UK. See all our photos from our events on our facebook group.

Any level, any club, we want you to come and train with us!

This is not a class but an opportunity to meet and roll with other women in a casual format. We recommend you have been training regularly for at least 1 month before attending one of our open mats and you must be 16 or older. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

It is very important to us that we encourage a sense of community with these open mats, training intelligently and considerately, and looking after each other when rolling. These events are gi and nogi.

These open mats will be ticketed events, please book your space.

Everyone must book their space – even if you are a member of the club.

There will be a professional photographer / videographer at the event creating exciting footage of us rolling which will be available to everyone to share after the event!
At Escapology, you must wear white gi, but any colour nogi is allowed. 

We need to maintain a responsible space for us to continue holding these events, and so we ask anyone feeling unwell not to attend. 

Refunds are available up to 72 hours before the event

See you there!