Webinar with Sinead Roberts

As a fighter, you need your nutrition to fuel your training, recovery and adaptation (as well as daily life outside of training!) so you can perform to the max of your potential. And if you compete, you may need to do this whilst manipulating your weight to compete in certain weight classes.

Join us for our three part webinar series on Nutrition with Sinead of Feed.Fuel.Perform where we will look at the fundamentals of nutrition for health and performance, covering everything from basic diet, to the times you eat, to supplements, and weight cutting.

Sinead is a Performance Nutritionist who supports individuals and athletes in using nutrition to help optimise their training, recovery and performance through nutrition coaching and education. She holds a postgraduate qualification in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and a PhD. in Cell Growth and Metabolism, and brings over 10 years’ coaching experience to her role.

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